No one knows  the existence of democracy in China– MP Sumanthiran 

It is a welcome move for countries that promote human rights to come to Sri Lanka to establish friendship. TNA spokesman and Member of Parliament MA Sumanthiran said that the existence of democracy in China is unknown to any of us.

He was responding to a question by media in Batticaloa.
He added, that there is only one party rule in China. There is no room for alternative opinions. We as Tamils cannot accept China’s dominance in Sri Lanka, because  they are a country which asks what human rights are. As victims of human rights violations and as a society that has well understood the value of democracy Tamils in Sri Lanka will never accept the influence of China. 

This government has completely lost its popularity among the people more quickly than we expected. ”
“We are the ones who started protest marches n February this year. There will be full support from our side to  any reasonable protests.
We are neither alligned to any country nor are opponents to any. India has signed an international agreement with Sri Lanka in 1989 on behalf of the Tamil people.
Our demand is that it be fully implemented.and for that reason we are working closely with India.
The Government of India has consistently asserted that all matters contained therein must be fully implemented.
It is a well known fact that there is enmity between India and China. The distance between India and Sri Lanka is only 30 km. We have to accept the measures that India takes for its own security.
Threatening the media and journalists is the worst thing. We continue to emphasize this point to the government. We strongly condemn it. In democracy it is important that news especially truth reach out to the people.
We cannot accept media repression. We will continue to raise our voice for media freedom,  Mr. Sumanthiran further said.