Ampara Kalmunai main road has to be blocked as a mark of protest to show the might of fishermen –  MP Sanakkiyan

I have spoken several times to the government and ministers about the problems of fishermen but all my efforts were of no use.  The Ampara-Kalmunai road should be blocked for at least half an hour as a mark of protest to bring the issues of fishermen to the attention of those concerned. I will not ask you to block the road, but I say you must show your power by doing so” said Batticaloa District MP Rasamanikkam Sanakiyan.

He said this during a discussion with fishermen from Batticaloa and Ampara districts on issues faced by them regarding the theft of fish from boats in the deep sea and the use of banned fishing nets. He went on to say that though there are many Muslim MPs in the Ampara district, thank you for inviting the Jaffna District MP M.A. Sumathiran  Member of Parliament Thavarasa Kalaiyarasana and me. I too have experienced losses in fishing and have thought of selling my fishing equipment .

The matter regarding Kalmunai North Divisional Secretariat is nothing but a change in the name board.They only do politics with it. The upgrading will do no harm to Muslims. There will be no great benefits for the Tamils also except for the change in the name board. They say I don’t talk much about this problem. There is nothing to talk about. It is only politics that happens. I will speak in Parliament about the issue of fishermen when the opportunity arises.
He also said that ” I was the only one who spoke in Parliament that the COVID 19 vaccines should be given to Kalmunai region as well.