Children between 12-19 ready to administer Pfizer in Ampara

 A.B.Abdul Gafoor

Nintavur Correspondent

Children between 12-19 years are willing to administer the Pfizer vaccine as they want to protect themselves from this infectious disease.

Children told Supeedsam that we need to administer Pfizer for our safety. Our parents and relatives have been fully vaccinated. This infectious disease can communicate from the vaccinated people to the others. Therefore, our protection is very important one.

We have lost our education in 2020 and 2021. Before schools are to be opened, we have to administer Pfizer vaccines for the safety of ourselves. The decision of the Government to vaccinate children between 12-19 years is the right decision taken at the right time.

A boy of 12 years old told to Supeedsam that if the government takes steps to vaccinate all the children between 12-19 years of age before November, at least we can go to our school in December first week as we need one month for the second dose.

They further said that Getting vaccines is the one and only way for us to be alive. Our country has become one of the 10 best countries where vaccination campaign successfully implemented in the world.

Moreover, they said that All the relevant authorities are putting their lives at risk and They are working hard to contain this CoronaVirus and save the lives of our family, friends and countrymen.

The World Health Organisation has made it very clear that vaccination is the only way to contain this virus. Unfortunately, we see that a few of the public are still reluctant to be vaccinated.

If we adhere to all the guidelines and instructions issued by the relevant authorities to contain this virus, we will be a role model in contributing to the country’s efforts and our country will become a Covid 19 free country.