If this is the punishment, where are the bombers? – Ampitiye Sumanaratana Thero

Addressing a media briefing, Ampitiye Sumanaratana Thero, Chief Incumbent of the Batticaloa Mangalarama, commented on the report of the Presidential Commission on the April 21 attack.

It is written on page 411 of this that the process of Ven. Ampitiye Sumanaratana Thera: A separate commission should be appointed for the Digana Teldeniya incident.

That day I was going to the city for a relative’s funeral. If such laws are being enacted that Ven. Is it wrong for me to recite the Dhamma? What the hell is this?

As a monk who has faced 30 years of war, I responsibly say that only God’s help, only heaven, only to these innocent, Catholic people who faced the Easter attack. Nothing more is left. If this filthy Easter report has been committed by the people who appointed it; What kind of democracy is left in this country after innocent people like us are convicted and imprisoned tomorrow? I ask the Hon. President. ”