Michelle Obama reveals the strong bond between Barack and himself.

Michelle and Barack Obama have always been considered the perfect couple, and many people talk about this loving bond between the two of them. But their marriage is many others
The former First Lady notes that there was no such thing as a bed of roses. She also spoke about the huge challenges she faced in her marriage as well as the couple’s love journey during an interview on an American TV channel.

Michelle Obama says that Barack and she faced a lot of big problems, but they were able to deal with all of them very patiently and were able to live a successful life by solving those problems. She also said that such periods can last for a long time but any person should be patient in facing them successfully.

“We see young couples getting ready to give up their married life very soon when they have to face challenges, but she and Barack thought it would be a long time before this marriage would end,” she said. She says that they are now living such a strong marriage because they have successfully faced every problem and if she had stayed away from it during those difficult times, she would have missed the beautiful experience there. Therefore, by successfully coping with any problem, everyone can solve any problem and lead a successful marriage, she added.
Rishmi Ishara